Trading strategy:

Trend trading with price action (candlestick)


  1. Exponential Moving Average 30 (EMA) – to confirm the trend (decision maker)
  2. Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) – to double confirm the trend (as reference only)
  3. Stochastic – to confirm the buying and selling status (as reference only)

Entry principles:

  1. Follow the trend.
  2. Consider to setup the entry position only when the trend is 30 degree up or down.
  3. Use candlestick patterns to decide the entry position.
  4. Never against trend.
  5. Never trade when the pair is in consolidation.
  6. Open the trade with stop loss.
  7. Set at least 1:2 loss/profit ratio
  8. Cancel the pending order if the price action showed reversal.

Trade management:

  1. Adjust stop loss according to the price action.
  2. Add more unit when we are in advantage (no more than 50% of the initial unit)

Exit principles:

  1. Exit the position if the price action showed an obvious reversal.
  2. Never manually take profit when we are in advantage. Let’s the profit to grow.
  3. Exit the advantageous position by adjusting the stop loss position.
  4. Manually exit the advantageous position only if the pair is in obvious consolidation.